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“Stop wasting your time on technological tools, open your books and do something useful”. We all heard this from everywhere you really think that these technological tools gives you nothing useful, I don’t think so. We all heard that now a days our studies get easier with the introduction of the different education technological tools in our toolkit. These are the some of the tools which benefited you in your life and not only this, you can more aware from new technologies .each of these tools can make your teaching more efficient and effective, and student’s learning and more engaging.

  • WRITE ABOUT: one key to improving student writing is to have students write more often. But paper work is hard to manage, you are limited in how much feedback you can provide, so write about solves these problems, providing students with an online space to write on high interest topics and get feedback from their peers.
  • GOOGLE CARDBOARD: remember view masters those devices that showed two pictures of the same thing, but separated so they looked 3-D? Imagine those but a lot better. A virtual reality headset gives users 360 – degree experiences in just about any environment imaginable, and google has introduces its own.
  • VERSAL: if you are already experimented with flipping your classroom. It may be time to take it to the next level, with versal, you can create full courses that live online, using any combination of text, video, downloadable pdfs, multiple choice quizzes and short response questions.
  • NOISLI: I can’t stop telling people about this one, noisli is basically a white noise generator, offering a menu of different sounds you can combine to your liking, creating a nice hum in the background that can help you the stay focused. It could obviously be used to boost your own productivity and concentration at work and at home.
  • FORMATIVE: in a formative assessment fantasy world, we would be able to look at every students work while he or she did it at the exact same time. That way we could redirect students more quickly and give feedback that is more immediate.

So these are some of the Ed tech which gives you more comprehensive views about your thinking and thoughts and make your work more creative and easy through which you can teach you well and learn it well.

Author: Deeksha Goel
I am Deeksha Goel, student of University Of Delhi. I love to write bogs and articles.

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