As a freelance writer, you are used to sharing writing samples when you pitch stories or apply for new gigs. If you usually send links to online clips or attach a pdf to your emails, you should consider switching to an online portfolio. A web- based portfolio easy to share, it makes you look professional when your name is googled and it can introduces your writing to new clients in search results. Here are five great online portfolio platforms for freelance.

  • CLIPPING.ME: originally created with freelance journalist in mind, is a free portfolio platform that provides a quick and easy way to showcase unlimited clips. The websites allows you to write a bio or introduction about yourself, add yourself journalist directory, link to your press clips or upload pdfs and embed multimedia pieces such as video or podcasts.
  • CONTENTLY: while deceptively simple, contently is an attractive free and easy to use template, making it another nice option for a portfolio website. Vetted experienced experienced writers can apply to be part of contently’s freelances market place , which connects writers to brands and companies looking in form of pdf so your contents will stick around even if their original websites don’t.
  • SQUARESPACE: if you are willing to pay a small subscription and want more control over your portfolio’s design. Squarspace is an easy to use options for creating a more robust website. While square space isn’t marketed solely at writers – its format makes it a nice choice for designers, artist and other business owners- it is nice options for writers who incorporate graphics in their work.
  • PRESSFOLIOS: it is an easy way to showcase your clips within an attractive template that also incorporate graphics. The websites allows you to share your writing through either online clips or upload pdfs, and it also includes a nice bio section to help you introduce yourself. One great feature of press folios is tell you about writing disappearing even if their original websites go down.

These are some of the best portfolio sites for the writer which enhance their writing skills and give them more comprehensive knowledge juxtapose with effective contents.

Author: Deeksha Goel
I am Deeksha Goel, student of University Of Delhi. I love to write bogs and articles.

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